Learn how to get FREE haircuts, haircolor and blow-outs in NYC!

So..... I have an amazing insider secret to share with you. Do you like FREE haircuts? FREE blowouts? FREE haircolor? FREE highlights? Have you or have you ever dreamed of getting your hair done FREE at luxury hair salons such as Frederic Fekkai and Bumble & Bumble? Well, now is your chance to find out how... watch the video to find out the insider secret! 

I have already done this 3 times and it's no joke. I walk into the salon, someone checks my coat in for me. I am escorted to changing rooms to change into a robe and ask if I would like ANYTHING to drink-I settle with water. Overall, the salons I have been to are super high-end, definitely someone of my caliber has never experienced before. I am treated like a QUEEN. I feel so magnificent, and, well, RICH. I feel awesome. The hair stylist/colorist asks me what I want to do with my hair and so I give them details. Then they bring over their senior instructor who has had 10+ years of experience in the making. These instructors oversee and watch the beginner do your hair. I have done my hair 3 times and I have been more satisfied with my hair more than when I have even paid for it! 

Please help these students/stylists out as they need models. If you like their work, then I highly suggest continuing to see them and use their services. 

WATCH this video now to find out how to get your hair done for free now!