NEW Temptu Air Cordless System + 24-Hour Hydrolock Foundation Tutorial!

Airbrush makeup is a real luxury reserved for wedding days and other special events. But Temptu airbrush systems are slowly making flawless makeup an everyday luxury. Now they make it really easy for us to do it on ourselves with the new cordless airbrushing system! There is no gun or compressor needed! 

Originally for professional use only, airbrush machines use a stream of air to turn makeup into a micro-fine mist that lightly coats the skin, providing a flawless natural look. Temptu’s popular consumer machines use snap-in pods for foundation, blush, highlighter and bronzer. The introduction of Temptu pods has made airbrushing easier for the novice, at-home user.

In September 2015, the company released the Temptu Air ($195 USD) the first cordless, handheld airbrush machine. It’s been touted as a beauty industry game changer for its use-anywhere portability, but I wanted to find out for myself. I got the Temptu Air at the TPG (The Powder Group) exclusive event in their NYC showroom last month. My previous MUD (Makeup Designory) teacher Sylvia Pichler was demo'ing it. 

Simple to Use!

If you’re new to Temptu, your first step, foundation shade selection, could very well be the most challenging. I found my shade by checking out the models who corresponded to each of the 12 shades on the site. All 12 Temptu Airpod Foundation colors, $45 each, are one of two tones—pink (cool) and yellow (warm). To determine your tone, use a tried-and-true method: Step outside and look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. Warm undertones make veins look greenish, and cool tones make them seem purple. Armed with that info, shade selection should go smoothly. But if you aren’t happy with your pick, Temptu will exchange the pod for free.

You can learn more and purchase the Temptu Air at

The Temptu Air is a point-and-shoot device. Wherever you feel air, that’s where the makeup is going. Unlike professional airbrush machines, which allow users to completely control both the quantity of air and product flow, the Temptu Air keeps things simple. For sheer coverage, apply one light layer and build from there for medium and full the coverage.

Temptu foundation feels like second skin and it looks more natural than any other form of foundation I’ve used. I highly recommend it for brides or special events where you need your makeup to last all day long!

Conclusion: The foundation formula is universally flattering and it works well on all skin types. I think this is definitely worth the $195 investment for a flawless look! 

Please watch the video below!